Bank Park (2000)
Commissioned by the First National Bank, Columbia, Missouri
(owner, Mark Landrum)

Materials: steel-framed covered in terrazzo, ceramic tile,
Venetian glass, cast-bronze elements, glass marbles.

The inspiration for the bank park came from a visit to Antoni Gaudi’s Guell Park in Barcelona, Spain. The seven benches are set instead in the middle of downtown Columbia, Missouri. They depict a variety of typical Midwestern natural scenes. Native wildflowers decorate both sides of the largest benches (25’), which are set in the pocket park surrounding the centerpiece sculpture of a hot air balloon by New York artist Julia Balk. The pocket park is enclosed by a forged iron wheatgrass fence constructed by David Thompson. The two large planter box benches (15’) flag the entry to the bank and depict contrasting scenes: one in daytime either spring or summer lush with water, plant, and animal life; the other in the night, moon lit and windblown. The three smallest benches ( 8’) depict a triptych of a thunderstorm each with a prairie grass fire on its backside.


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